Valuers leverage marketplace productivity.

Valuers love Valocity for streamlined, productivity boosting workflows and transparency.

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Connecting Valuers to Lenders and Consumers


With customised, industry leading technology to power a faster speed to yes, we connect the ecosystem via our Cloud based Digital platform, bringing visibility, security and ease of use to Mortgage Valuation Management.



Instant Marketplace Connection


With Valocity, Valuers are instantly connected to a marketplace of lenders, brokers, advisers and customers.

Valocity has digitised the entire mortgage valuation ordering, delivery, and management process to deliver faster and more efficient workflows.

By leveraging data, technology and mobile applications, Valocity has developed a Valuation Management platform that is easily integrated into existing systems and is global neutral.



Fully Digitised Valuation Process


Rich data capture throughout the Valuation process allows for Quality control and real time auditing, performance bench-marking and Portfolio Insights.

Utilising smart logic to select from multiple AI learning ‘Automated Valuation Model’ structures, the Valocity iVal AVM utilises both market index trends and recent sales of comparable properties to calculate a real time valuation amount and confidence score.