Valuers leverage marketplace productivity

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Instant marketplace connection


With Valocity’s One Smart Platform, valuers are instantly connected to a marketplace of lenders, brokers, advisers and customers.

Valocity has digitised the entire mortgage valuation ordering, delivery, and management process to deliver faster and more efficient workflows and outputs.

By leveraging data, technology and mobile applications, Valocity has developed a Valuation Management platform that is easily integrated into existing systems and is globally neutral.


David Nagel - General Manager, QV


“Quotable Value Limited (QV) signed up to the Valocity Panel in late 2016.   Since that time our consultancy practice has thrived through the consistent workflows received via the Valocity Panel system.  The flow of valuation engagements are often unpredictable in a valuation practice, but by using the Valocity Panel, we are able to better resource our national network of offices with more predictable workflows.

QV enjoy the relationship management that Valocity provides as intermediary between the lender, mortgage applicant and the valuer. 


When issues arise with a valuation assignment, Valocity assist with the flow of communication between the various parties, which ensures an efficient flow of accurate and reliable information back to the client.  

The technology platforms provided by Valocity through the ordering portal allocates work to our teams, as well as the infrastructure supporting the desktop valuation service is simple to use and reliable for our team of valuers and support staff.”


Innovative valuation process

Valocity connects the ecosystem via our Cloud based Digital platform, bringing visibility, security and ease of use to mortgage valuation management.


Valocity incorporates random work allocation with intelligent matchmaking for increased efficiency – valuers can get the type of work they want in the region that they want it.

Valocity facilitates digital connectivity between banks and valuers ensuring transparency. The random allocation process ensures there is no bias when distributing work to experienced valuers and removes any collusion.

Valocity eliminates the need to follow up with clients via phone calls and emails; valuers can raise issues and share updates via in-platform messaging on every order.



Steve McNamara

Franchisor, Property Indepth


“We undertake a considerable quantity of valuation work through the Valocity platform.

Their smart systems have enabled us to complete more work and generate exceptional efficiencies within our team, all while client payment is guaranteed!

Their platform is very well supported by their friendly, competent team who are always available to assist where required.”


Fully digitised valuation process


Rich data capture throughout the Valuation process allows for Quality control and real time auditing, performance bench-marking and Portfolio Insights.

Utilising smart logic to select from multiple AI learning ‘Automated Valuation Model’ structures, the Valocity iVal AVM utilises both market index trends and recent sales of comparable properties to calculate a real time valuation amount and confidence score.



Hassle free compliance


Standard valuation templates for data capture and reporting help promote digistisation and help valuers to enhance their businesses.

Automated compliance and quality control mean valuers have increased confidence in the quality of valuations and output.

Rich data capture throughout the valuation process allows for real time auditing and performance bench-marking, ensuring that performance is always at its best.