Advanced Property Valuations

Utilising smart logic to select from multiple AI learning Automated Valuation Model (AVM) structures, the Valocity iVal AVM utilises both market index trends and recent sales of comparable properties to calculate a real time valuation amount and confidence score.


Automated Valuation Model / iVAL

Valocity has created a ever iterating dynamic AVM powered by class leading AI algorithms and technology for instant real time digital property Valuations.

Full Valuation

Valocity connects the entire ecosystem of Lenders, Brokers and Valuers, streamlining the mortgage lending process with World class Valuation Panel management, providing a faster speed to yes.

Desk Valuation

Utilising rich property data coupled with the expertise and experience of Registered Valuers, Valocity’s DeskVal enables a Market Valuation coupled with a faster turn-around time and reduced costs.

Bespoke Valuations

Valocity Partners with Lenders and their unique risk profiles to create bespoke Valuation reports.