Valocity is an industry platform that transforms mortgage lending through quality valuations and powerful analytics

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We’re reshaping the complex world of lending in India with One Smart Platform.


Every bank in the world is in a race to deliver better customer centricity through digitisation and optimisation, combined with regulatory compliance and collateral risk management.

Valocity exists to transform the mortgage lending process through efficiency and transparency, because we believe that smart people with data and technology can make the complicated simple.

Valocity connects the entire ecosystem of lenders, brokers, valuers and customers in Our Smart Platform.


Industry Connectivity

Valocity creates a customer first digital experience with separate interfaces for valuers, advisers, lenders and consumers, each delivering to their unique needs encouraging participation and an ecosystem of connectivity.

Streamlined Workflows

Templates, workflow process management, alerts, user insights and customisation to leverage data and enable new ways of doing things and differentiating to streamline the valuation and mortgage process.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics and modelling to leverage proprietary data including portfolio indices and automated valuation models

Electronic data capture for future reporting, recording and digitisation and rich property hub.


Transparent Customer Experiences


Valocity offers a market leading solution to property valuations, allowing for seamless ordering of independent property valuation products.

Ensuring that any risk of valuation collusion is removed, and all valuation advice relied upon has been completed by suitably qualified valuers and reporting quality meets both local and international report standards.



Improved risk management for lenders.

Valocity empowers lenders to innovate while managing risk and regulatory requirements.

With Valocity there’s no room for collusion or manual intervention through a fully digitized workflow with written communication and records on each order.

Enable ongoing valuation assessment to support provisioning (IFRS9), capital and loss management (Basel compliance); Proactive management of concentration levels.


Property Identification and Verification

Including the ability to create an address,  geospatial location, address picker  validation, manual address creation,  integrate and search on existing bank  customer ID and name, legal  description, etc

Reduce Multiple Financing Fraud

Identify potential property fraud due to multiple financing – as a result of unique property IDs and valuation ordering in an  ecosystem

Automate Credit Policy of Bank

Digitization of lenders credit policy for  instant validation of LVR calculation; apply valuation strategy to ensure right valuation for the right risk; Automated decisioning and calculations where multiple valuations received

Random allocation to reduce collusion

Random allocation of job orders – reducing collusion amongst bank staff and valuers, customers




Streamlined workflows increase Valuer Productivity.

Valocity creates a central hub for qualified retail valuers so banks can review credentials and include in their panel.


Digital connectivity with Banks

No more chasing via phone calls & emails; raise issues and share updates via in-platform messaging against every order

Increased productivity with mobile apps

Save time with a free and flexible data collection tool on site; access data on desktop and complete reports faster.

Report template standardization

Use standard templates and forms; customize your own data collection forms and export in bank specific report templates

Customised job workflows

Valuers will receive relevant jobs in areas they operate in – at a specified fee. And receive valuation jobs only after requisite documents are attached.


Digital valuations powered by data


Machine Learning Models

We utilise machine learning and visualisation to support credit policy efficiency, funnel conversion and data driven decisions that inform strategy, risk and growth including our leading edge on-line automated valuation models.

Blockchain Valuations

Updates to a property, especially  valuation workflows managed  with individual Blockchains – immutable &  traceable history of activities.

Intelligence Bench-marking

Data aggregated from multiple sources form a unique property data hub, allowing bench-marking of valuation reports, Data insights and analytics to underpin new valuation products – incl Desktop Valuations and Automated Valuation Models and Advanced data modelling leveraging machine learning.

Pre or post valuation quality control and  bench-marking, risk  management and scoring of the output of  valuer/appraisal reports through digitised smart logic audit enabling compliance.



Portfolio analytics to enable data driven decision making.

Valocity provides insights to enable data driven decision-making including funnel conversion, SLA’s of valuers and performance, quality of loan origination (e.g. Broker channel vs direct) and the type of affluence of customers they are attracting.


Integrations for connected experiences

Valocity integrates with loan management systems for seamless and connected experiences that operationalise credit and collateral risk – as per bank decisioning policies

Our proprietary index, AVMs, Portfolio valuation & analytics create dynamic reporting dashboards and custom insights.