Valocity’s intuitive and customisable digital platform automates the entire property valuation process

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We’re reshaping the complex world of lending with One Smart Platform


Leading fintech

iDecision is Valocity’s industry leading decision engine which allows lenders to load customised lending criteria to digitise and operationalise lenders credit policy, ensuring that the most appropriate valuation is ordered.

Smart valuations

Utilising smart logic to select from multiple AI learning Automated Valuation Model (AVM) structures, the Valocity iVal AVM utilises both market index trends and recent sales of comparable properties to calculate a real time valuation amount and confidence score.

Faster path to yes

Valocity provides the ability to optimize a ‘Next Credit Needs Conversation’ according to the trigger points and life-cycle stage of a customer, ensuring that your frontline are offering products and services that the customer needs and wants.


Valocity is made for you

Our Smart Platform uses data and technology to elevate your business, making your frontline teams and customers’ lives easier.


Every lender has a unique story

Your customers demand seamless and relevant digital experiences. The pressure to deliver best practice in the face of ever-changing rules and regulations is increasing.

Valocity enables you to design digital experiences while staying on the front foot of compliance and data security.

Modular and Customisable

Lenders get access to a flexible, modular and customizable solution that integrates with existing data and systems for a centralized intuitive platform, combining bank-grade security with instant scalability.

Next best credit conversations

Combining Bank Credit Information and Customer Data Valocity uses Advanced Analytics to make relevant recommendations based on behavior, risk profile, financial position and stage in mortgage life-cycle.

A faster path to yes

Our Data Rich Platform provides frontline staff and customers a seamless end-to-end experience from First Contact to Valuations and Mortgage Approval.

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Connecting the entire ecosystem

Valocity connects lenders, brokers, valuers and customers in one smart platform with machine learning and workflows to create a seamless experience. All while staying on the front foot with compliance and data security.

Our flexible and customisable platform has been built to carve through complicated processes, with speed, agility and security that’s world class.


Banks / Lenders

Valocity partners with innovators, the lenders demanding customised customer experiences, integrated with existing technology to automate and streamline the entire mortgage, property valuation process and insurance services.

To compete in the Age of the Customer, differentiation is everything.  The power to leverage Artificial Intelligence and insights to build your unique value proposition with rich data and analytics enable front line staff to have timely ‘next best credit conversations, increasing customer retention rates.


Real time data providing customers with Bank Approved Automated Valuations (AVMs) helps Brokers win new business faster. It’s that simple.

Valocity empowers brokers and advisers with insights to enable a relevant and valuable conversation and enables the mortgage origination process to be seamless and transparent from end to end.


With Valocity, Valuers are instantly connected to a marketplace of lenders, brokers, advisers and customers.

Valocity has digitised the entire mortgage valuation ordering, delivery, and management process to deliver faster and more efficient workflows.


  “In less than 5 years Valocity has supported over half a Trillion in lending decisions through it’s platform.”