We make the complex simple

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Valocity is built for Government


Valocity can provide all levels of Government, Local Councils and State Authorities with Property Valuation, Custom Reports and Analytics through One Smart Platform.

The Valocity Platform seamlessly integrates with APIs to deliver Residential, Commercial and Agri Property Valuations helping Government Agencies reduce risk while maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements.



Valocity’s intuitive and customisable digital platform automates the entire valuation process.

Our Smart Platform uses technology, data and analytics to elevate your business, making your frontline teams and customers’ lives easier.


Next generation fintech.

The cloud based modular solution and agile platform Valocity has built allows clients to connect to the entire Valocity journey, or simply pick and choose which modules would most benefit their business.



iDecision is Valocity’s industry leading decision engine which allows lenders to load customised lending criteria to digitise and operationalise lenders credit policy, ensuring that the most appropriate valuation is ordered.

Advance Analytics

We utilise machine learning and visualisation to support credit policy efficiency, funnel conversion and data driven decisions that inform strategy, risk and growth including our leading edge on-line automated valuation models.

Digital Data and Insights

We capture data throughout the process creating real-time insights, ongoing optimisation, work flow reporting, data validation, sharing, and performance management.


Bank Grade Security

The Valocity system is an API driven plug and play platform with bank grade security.

Yet Valocity has maintained an Agile framework, delivering customers a fully modular, customisable platform.

AI and Machine Learning

Combining the latest Technology, Data and Analytics to provide Insights that help your business to innovate by harnessing the value of your data.

Valocity leverages a large team of Data Scientists at Data Insight to provide data for reports including (but not limited to), funnel conversion, valuer performance, valuation hotspots, concentration risk, customer profiling, risk & trend analysis, interactive dashboards and market info-graphics.


World leading Geospatial Mapping Interface

ValocityAgri combines the best of geospatial data with the latest mapping software interfaces to create a unique, digitized valuation process for the Agri and rural lending sectors. 

Our Agritech solution is the first of it’s kind globally and allows self-service online report creation paired with data layering and visualization in a scalable big data platform.