Brokers and Advisers win with experience.

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Fast valuations for Brokers


Real time data providing customers with Bank Approved Automated Valuations (AVMs) helps Brokers win new business faster. It’s that simple.

To compete in the Age of the Customer, differentiation is everything.  Valocity empowers brokers and advisers with relevant insights to enable a relevant and valuable conversation and enables the mortgage origination process to be seamless and transparent from end to end.

Brokers and Advisers have access to Valocity’s property index, accurate property address identification and aggregated market data, valuable for quality control and portfolio bench-marking.



Seamless Integration


The Valocity Platform can integrate with multiple third-party solutions and can link through to any API or third party data feed as well as being software and legacy system agnostic. Valocity builds solutions that are configurable and customisable, allowing for internal policy or regulatory changes to be implemented at pace and future proofing for tomorrows needs.



John Bolton - CEO of Squirrel and Mortgage Adviser


“Valocity is an intuitive easy to use valuation and property insight tool.

Our advisers use it constantly to research properties and provide insights for our clients before they buy.  It is also a valuable tool when reviewing existing clients and making sure the values they have used in their applications are accurate and that ownership and borrowing are properly disclosed. 

We also use it to order registered valuations making it an all-in-one seamless property platform. 

“They’re constantly looking to innovate.”

From my perspective it’s also easy to use at a management level to on-board our new advisers and I find the team at Valocity incredibly customer-focused.

Nothing is ever a problem and they’re constantly looking to innovate.”


Compliance and Risk Management


Valocity provides pre and post valuation quality control and bench-marking. With combined risk management and valuer output scoring, brokers and advisers can be sure that they are receiving only the best quality reports.

Valocity helps provide consistency for brokers and advisers, regardless of the valuation firms, technology and report templates.



Megin Wilton – Mortgage Adviser at Loanmarket


“Valocity has allowed our clients to get urgent valuations within two working days which makes a huge difference to those short time frames. 

As soon as a client pays for the valuation by credit card, you can see exactly when it is expected to come back, which is a great tool to have in communicating to the clients.

I pride myself on communication with my clients and this makes it so easy to keep track of where valuations are at, as the status is updated along the way.

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The platform is easy to use, and very transparent.

Valocity has given me the ability to be able to provide a high level of service to my clients which in turn has generated more business for me as my clients are happy with my service and refer their friends and family to me as well.”


Streamlined decision making

Valocity has digitised the entire mortgage valuation process creating a seamless and transparent experience for front line staff and customers from end to end.


With Valocity’s digitised and automated valuation logic brokers and advisers can be sure that the appropriate valuation model has been allocated for the corresponding level of risk.

Combining rich data with machine learning and fast, efficient workflows, Valocity empowers frontline staff to make accurate decisions aligned to the lenders unique credit policy.

Intelligent matchmaking ensures that work is being allocated to the appropriate valuers, giving brokers, advisers and their customers the best, most professional outcome.



White label property reports


Valocity provides a series of reports through the Valocity platform, available for most residential properties. 

This allows lenders and brokers to select the appropriate report related to the intended mortgage lending.

Valocity works with each lender, broker and adviser to create bespoke reports that enhance their unique customer experience and brand values.