We’re reshaping the complex world of lending in Australia with One Smart Platform

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Valocity is built for you.

Your customers demand seamless and relevant digital experiences. The pressure to deliver best practice in the face of ever-changing rules and regulations is increasing.

Valocity enables you to design digital experiences while staying on the front foot of compliance and data security.

Our modular and customisable platform enables every lender and broker to craft their own customer experience. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and insights to build your unique value proposition with Valocity at the heart.

Valocity has launched in Australia, bringing an innovative alternative Property Valuation solution to the market.



Valocity’s intuitive and customisable digital platform automates the entire mortgage valuation process.

Our Smart Platform uses technology, data and analytics to elevate your business, making your frontline lending teams and customers’ lives easier.


In the ‘Age of the Customer’.


In the ‘Age of AI’ and ‘Digital Everything’, customers expect to be able to do what they want when they’re ready.

They demand friction-less processes in technology that’s well designed, user friendly and accessible all the time.

Valocity’s modular and customisable platform leverages machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help lenders in Australia create bespoke customer experiences. Because we know every lender has a unique story.