We’re reshaping the complex world of lending in Asia with One Smart Platform.

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Valocity’s intuitive and customisable digital platform automates the entire mortgage valuation process.

Our Smart Platform uses technology, data and analytics to elevate your business, making your frontline lending teams and customers’ lives easier.


Valocity wins recognition at the Global Fintech Awards in Singapore.

In 2018 Valocity was recognised as one of ten finalists in the Global General category at the Global Fintech Awards in Singapore


Transparent Customer Experiences


Valocity offers a market leading solution to valuation ordering, allowing for seamless ordering of independent property valuation products.

Ensuring that any risk of valuation collusion is removed, and all valuation advice relied upon has been completed by suitably qualified valuers and reporting quality meets both local and international report standards.



Digital valuations powered by data.

We utilise machine learning and visualisation to support credit policy efficiency, funnel conversion and data driven decisions that inform strategy, risk and growth including our leading edge on-line automated valuation models.

Portfolio analytics and risk management.

Valocity provides insights to enable data driven decision-making including funnel conversion, SLA’s of valuers and performance, quality of loan origination (e.g. Broker channel vs direct) and the type of affluence of customers they are attracting.