Valocity’s intuitive and customisable digital platform automates the entire property valuation process for lenders, brokers and valuers

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We’re reshaping the complex world of lending with

One Smart Platform


Faster lending decisions

iDecision is Valocity’s industry leading decision engine which enables lenders to load customised lending criteria to digitise and operationalise their credit policy. iDecision ensures that the most appropriate type of valuation is ordered.

Integrating the ecosystem

Valocity connects lenders, brokers, valuers and customers in One Smart Platform. Valocity integrates through powerful APIs to create efficient workflows and a seamless user experiences, all while staying on the front foot of compliance and data security.

Data powered innovation

Valocity provides Bank trusted data through Bank grade security protocols and uses Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to produce rich insights, automated valuation models and seamless digital customer experiences.


A selection of valocity’s INNOVATIVE partners


  “In less than 5 years Valocity has supported over half a trillion in lending decisions through its platform.”

Carmen Vicelich - Founder & Global CEO



To compete in the age of the customer, differentiation is everything. We know that every Lender has a unique story.

Valocity equips Lenders with the power to leverage Artificial Intelligence and insights to build your unique value proposition. Rich data and analytics enable front line staff to have timely ‘next best credit’ conversations, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates.


Valocity provides Brokers and Advisers with insights and data to enable a relevant and valuable conversation with your customers. Valocity streamlines the mortgage origination process making it seamless and transparent from end to end. 

Real time data delivers Bank approved automated valuations (AVM’s) to brokers and advisors helping you win new business faster. It’s that simple.


The Valocity ecosystem instantly connects Valuers to a marketplace of Lenders, Brokers and customers.

Valocity has digistised the entire valuation ordering, delivery and management process to deliver fast, more efficient work flows. Valocity combines random work allocation with intelligent matchmaking to ensure you get the type of work in the region that you want it.